DroneIt is the solution of a project my team and I did for DanishAgro. They were looking for new ways to utilize data and develop a better concet and customer relationship with farmers. The foucs on the project was data collection and utilization as well as concept development and business analysis.

My team and I used various techniques including big data, data mining, qualitative and quantitative research methods, business model analysis, swot analysis, etc. to improve the current state of DanishAgro and create a new concept which will increase the loyality of farmers. We found a lot and came with the solution – DroneIt. A drone equiped with camers and heat detectors solving all the problems farmers were struggling with. This would allow them to keep an eye on their crops and production at all times, increasing the quality of the products and eliminating petsts on time. Everything we did was of course backed up by detailed and careful research, therefore we were sure our solution would produce good results.