The project which provided me with the Multimedia Designer Degree. I did this project for the Red Cross of Bulgaria and the goal was to promote a massive campaign regarding healthy lifestyle. The campagin consisted of four events and aimed to raise awareness about common health issues.

I was working closely with the volunteering team of the Red Cross and the local coordinator to create several products and launch the events. I am proud to say this was the most successful campaign the Red Cross has ever done in the area of Targovishte and there was around 60% more interest than usual.

Here is what I did:

  • Large data collection and user research
  • Business Model for the Red Cross
  • SWOT Analysis and risk calculation
  • Personas based on the target group qualities
  • Promotional materials for the four events (posters, certificate for successful healthy lifestyle education)
  • Website (design and code) for the campaign
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social Media Content Plan